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Hello, my name is Marissa McCurtain, a Certified  Planner and the Owner of Cultivate Event Planning. I am a passion driven individual who is dedicated to making your dreams become reality. I believe great designs demand cultivating, but this task becomes overwhelming without a plan and clear vision. At Cultivate Event Planning we have all the professional tools necessary to insure a seamless event coordinating process with a network of event industry leaders who we like to call friends.
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 verb |ˈkəltəˌvāt

To prepare,

To foster the growth of,


To improve by labor,

To further and encourage


Our Vision is to Cultivate a Community of Gift Giving.

Where Individuals are Connected in Relationship to Give of their Unique Talents.


Our Mission is to Passionately Serve the

Local Community

through our talents by

Cultivating Meaningful Events with Lasting Memories.