My Five

As our world continues to grow more tech savvy, so does the event planning process! To reduce our carbon footprint and make a break for efficiency, here are our Top 5 Apps for planning your next event: 


Wonderlist: This app is one of the most beneficial checklist apps available when working with a team. All of your projects stay neatly organized in separate lists, all of which can be shared with your team to divide and conquer! Wonderlist also keeps all completed tasks to easily reference who completed the task and when it was checked off.


Google Drive: As a planner who utilizes Google Drive for clients, this app is a must for referencing contracts and timeline management. With mobile access there is no guessing what time the rental company is coming or how long the photographer is booked for. This digital tool keeps event paperwork printing at a minimum!


Pinterest: Yes this app is misguiding and unrealistic when it comes to recreating a design to scale. But when you pair Pinterest with our Budget or Bust Strategy you can come out on top! This platform can be a wonderful tool for creating a vision board of possibilities. Use With Caution!!


Countdown Star: Time is the most valuable, non-renewable resource so keeping a visual countdown of your event will help manage that time wisely! Countdown Start also lets you share screenshots at the push of a button. What better way to remind your team to get the checklist done! ;)


Google Calendar: The number one must! Your calendar needs to be synced to every device you use. There is nothing less professional than missing a meeting or being late. Set yourself up for success by adding reminders to leave, color coding specific vendors, and adding notes for what to take with you. 


We are constantly reevaluating our process so if you have a favorite app for planning tell us about it!