Budget or Bust

Nothing ruins an event quite like blowing your budget. It is difficult to bring a vision to life while watching the funds diminish, and is often what leads to incomplete projects. When beginning your event planning process, first determine your budget and list out all of the elements you see when you envision your event. Second, begin researching the prices of those items and jot them down next to each item on your list. Once each item has a rough price point you then need to tally up and see reality!


The reason why most people blow their budget is not because service providers are asking too much, it’s because the planner has an unrealistic expectation. Ignoring the price behind the Pinterest pictures will only leave you overwhelmed and frustrated, but knowing the value of each dollar is what makes a low budget event, spectacular! 


Here is a basic list of elements that will kick your budget in gear:




Décor (tables, chairs, linens, flowers, balloons, pipe and drape, staging design)


Gift/ Swag Bags

Event Insurance


Specialty Lighting


Name Badges


Printing (Brochure, Agenda, Handouts, Booklets, etc.)


Event Staffing




If you need a little more guidance, or are looking for local vendors let us know! We want to see your event succeed while still being in budget!