3 Secrets to Sponsorship

Event sponsorship is the greatest way to minimize your costs and maximize your impact! These three secrets will take your next event to new heights by breaking down the recipe to collaboration.


First, you want to Do Your Research! Nothing is more frustrating than receiving a salesy email from a stranger who knows nothing about the business. Seek out businesses/ individuals with a similar mission to your own, and that you have already begun building a relationship with. This could look like social media engagement, being an active customer, or learning what you have that they might need.


Which brings me to my second point, Add Value for Them! Especially if this business/ individual is newer to the industry or location. Creating value in their participation is the greatest piece to this puzzle, and without it will only lead to missed opportunities. This can be found in forms of marketing materials, social media shout outs, free event tickets, etc. You just have to get creative!


Lastly, you must Follow Up!! How many times have you forgotten to respond to a text or an email? Exactly, it happens, but a lack of immediate response does not equate to their disinterest. Send a follow up email, call their office, schedule an in person meeting, do something. But do not assume that they won’t sponsor your event before hearing their answer.


With all that being said, you are never guaranteed sponsorship from a business/ individual. A yes or no could depend on a single day, and remember that sponsorship is situational. Reevaluate for each new event and keep cultivating!